Sunday, 15 May 2011

Summer Garden Granny Throw Ta Da

Drum roll please.....
here it is finally.....
after four and a half months work.....
The completion of my first ever crochet blanket, Ta Da!!!  Look Look!!!
I am so pleased to have finished it and am so proud of myself.
Thank you to Attic24 for providing the instructions for the Summer Garden Granny Squares, the joining and the final edging.  Also thank you to Compact UK for crinkle-free border instructions.  I couldn't have completed the project without your virtual guidance.
It really makes me feel great just looking at it.  It makes me feel even better wrapping myself in it.  Wonderful blankety therapy.
Not forgetting some delicious stats:
120 Summer Garden Granny Squares.
8 Granny borders and then a final three-part shell edging.
Weighing in at 1.2 kg.
155 cm long by 135 cm wide.
Using just over 3.5 Kilometres of yarn (wow).
I used Stylecraft Special DK acrylic yarn throughout, approximately 12 balls of wool.
Total yarn cost, only £16 (double wow).
At least 50 hours work (and that's a conservative estimate), over the last four and a half months.
The blanket shall be adorning our bed.  That is until the arrival of our puppy next week, hmmmm think it will have to go somewhere safe until the chance of a chewing has abated.
Next blog - my blanket learnings.  All the things I have learnt and some things I would do differently next time.
Nellie P

Monday, 2 May 2011

Super Super Cute Dragon

I know things have been quiet on the posting front.  I've been hard at work completing my Summer Garden Granny Throw.  Having finally finished the joining of 120 squares, no mean feat at around 15 hours work, I am now zooming along the granny borders.  The final Ta Da moment is approaching fast!

In spite of my, quite frankly obsessive, determination to finish the throw I've been distracted by a couple of mini-projects.  The first of which, this little dragon, a gift to my daughter for working so hard at her maths.

This Dragon is once again from the Super-Super Cute Crochet book by Brigitte Read.  The wings were an addition by myself once I was assured that a dragon 'must' have wings.  Aside from these I followed the pattern faithfully using Stylecraft Special DK yarn in Lipstick and a 3mm hook.

When only half way through the main body section I could not believe he would end up the right shape.  Luckily lots of stuffing in the right places worked wonders.  He became 'cute' as soon as the back spines were introduced (Stylecraft Special DK in Bright Green).  Lovely to be able to make a little gift for someone I love.

Nellie P